This is a project between two guys based in Mexico City.
The idea of this blog is to create a series of pictures, each one accompanied by a song. 

Every week, Rafael will take a picture, with any random theme. This theme however, will remain a secret.
After the picture is done, Rafael will then pass it on to Alonso, who will have to look at this picture, and come up with sounds that go along with the picture,
this way, the picture will have some sort of "soundtrack". 
Once the song and the picture are finished, they will both discuss the ideas they had while creating their part, so that they can come up with a title that suites both the picture and the song.

This is how, week by week, you will have something to look at and listen to.

Feel free to post any comments giving your opinion about the series, or even give us your alternative title for each post.

And remember, all pictures and songs are done by us,
Don't use them for any commercial work or personal work without our permission.